Stringalong© (CD)
The many different poems - traditional and contemporary - and diverse music, ranging from Classical to Jazz, are woven together so that listeners of all ages will find fresh delight in old favorites as well as highly original presentations of unexpected pieces!
1. "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers"
2. "Herbert Glerbert" (Jack Prelutsky) Arr. Don Angle
3. "Camel's Complaint" (C. E. Carryl) ("We Shall Not Be Moved")
4. "
Long Gone" (Jack Prelutsky) ("Long, Long Ago")
5. "Brontosaurus" (G. Kredenser) ("Heart of my Heart")
6. "The Dragons are Singing Tonight" (J. Prelutsky) ("Glory, Glory, Halleluhah!")
7. "
Hippopotomus" and "Habits of the Hippopotomus" (A. Guiterman) (Chopin. Op. 28)
8. "The Moa" (Dvorak's "Humoresque")
9. "The Owl and the Pussy Cat" (E. Lear) ("Suki's Waltz" - H. Shapero)
10. "
The Dodo" (P. Wesley-Smith) ("Largo" - Handel)
11. "
Cuckoo" (J. Prelutsky) Arr. D. Angle
12. "
Painting Lesson" (Prelude #7 - Chopin)
13. "
Up the Airy Mountain" (W. Allingham) ("English Country Garden")
14. "
The Listeners" (Walter de la Mare) ("Ghostriders in the Sky")
15. "
Witches' Cauldron" (W. Shakespear) ("Hall of the Mountain King" Grieg)
16. "
The Whale" (G. Dearmer) ("Nuts in May")
17. "
Colonel Fazackerley" (C. Causley) ("Coranto CCXLI" - Byrd)
18. "
If Walt Whitman had written Humpty Dumpty" (F. Jacobs) (Waltz #2 - Chopin)
19. "
The Pond" (A. Noyes) ("Arkansas Traveller")
20. "
Peanut" Arr. D. Angle
21. "
The Duel" (E. Field) ("Grandfather's Clock", etc.)
22. "
Chip the Glasses" (J. R. R. Tolkien) Arr. D. Angle
23. "
The Spider" (R. P. Tristram Coffin) (Prelude - J.S. Bach)
24. "
Jabberwocky" (L. Carroll) Arr. D. Angle
25. "
Goodnight Moon" (M. Wise Brown) "Twinkle, Twinkle", Brahms' "Lullaby")
Stringalong is a combination of Poetry (selected and adapted by Anne Carter) and Music (selected and arranged by Don Angle).
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